Sep 26

it was good..

it was good.. that i opened up to my group mates what im going through.. the reason why i am me, right now.. i was happy they understood me.. there is just this one thing that made me laugh.. when my other group mate told me.. “i dont wanna be you”… they even advised me to change my name :) hahaha.. humor! :D i am just glad i have them as my group mates :)

Jul 31

what will you do.. if someone asked you a favor.. and that someone really needs it.. while the “favor” is not feasible.. how would you even tell that someone the truth.. but then..if you forced yourself to do that “favor”.. it means endangering everything..

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Jul 08

-inspired by my patient

yesterday was my last day at PR-annex.. i had a blast.. here is the scene..

pt: who ever that guy is, the one that you will marry, He is one lucky guy because you know how to care for a man

ela: wow. thank you po. :)

pt: why dont you take up medicine?

ela: i think, magmemed po ako.

pt: you know you should, with your performance. you will do best in medicine, in being a doctor.

ela: (speechless)

pt: ang galing mo magalaga eh..

ela: thank you po. nagtest naman na po ako ng para sa medicine.

pt: that’s good. mag medicine ka. sa performance mo pa lang pwedeng pwede ka na sa medicine.

ela: (speechless)

pt: ano trabaho ng mama mo?

ela: dentist po.

pt: e papa mo?

ela: engineer po.

pt: ahhh.. that’s good. kaya naman pala (pointing to the head).. kaya mo nga talaga ang medicine

ela: thank you po. (inspired)

^^, thank you to my patient.. now, im thinking of continuing my profession to medicine. :)

Jun 18

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Words- babycakes8
Photographer- Juliet Dau


Words- babycakes8

Photographer- Juliet Dau

Jun 14

back to school

cool.. last year.. ü time flies.. soon we’ll be graduates.. ^^ make the most out of it.. i think.. i’ll try studying hard.. ü i think i’ll try.. LOL

dear 1st sem,

with the toxic schedule given to us.. i hope i enjoy you„, ü

love, me :”)

dear friends,

we survived 3 years in our college.. i believe we can survive this year.. ü

love, me :”)

dear classmates,

confusing topics, good-looking CIs, toxicity of life - now,.. these are already a part of our life.. sanay na tau… BONGGA!!

love, me :”)

dear hadas,

thank you for being there for me.. i’m glad i found you.. please stay.. ILYall

love, me :”)

Jun 03

Jun 02


Unexpectedly you came. Indifferent and clueless but you had the aura of complexity. I didn’t bother to recognize the beauty that was innate in you for it was just one of those senseless conversations for me. We were both minding our own pointless existence. As the witty exchange of words drew us together, it suddenly occurred to me that this was different. You were different. I instantly noticed how amazingly smart you were. That and more.. I was the black pawn. You were the white knight. WE WERE ALWAYS ON THE SAME BOARD BUT WE NEVER HAD OUR SQUARES ALIGNED. While i was busy protecting, shielding my own realm, you were having your own share of victorious moments. I took my steps one square at a time, constantly being aware of the threat that haunted me for years. Your valor radiated from within while your horse galloped. Your mere presence was too overwhelming for me not to notice. You were my metaphor. Your vagueness was intriguing me. For some strange reason it was as if i understood every crap you’ve been telling me. I just refused to acknowledge the fact that they were affecting me this much. I was trying desperately hard to resist being dragged any further into this but the scent of paranoia that once lingered in my whole being seemed to have faded. IT HAD ITS TOLL. YOU HAD ME. I was confused that’s why i just had to draw the line. I DIDN’T WANT TO HOLD ON TO SOMETHING THAT WAS NOT EVEN THERE. You assured me that it was there, constantly hovering over my open palm. Somehow i just couldn’t grasp it. Maybe because I was just trying hard to get a grip of it for I feared it might go away. I realized that I wasn’t letting it have a chance to calmly rest on my palm. I know you were just taking your time. You’ve been doing that from the start. You would never know how much I appreciated you for that. You were just probably scared as I was. Not even half I bet, for now you have everything to lose. I’m nearing the end of the chessboard. Soon i’ll be transformed into a king. I don’t know how to rule. This whole sense of sovereignty and royalty is far too profound for me to comprehend. Give me reasons to trust you. Tell me you’ll guard me with all your heart. Tell me you’ll erase the fear that I’ve been having of falling in love. Assure me that you’re the one I’ve been longing for and I’ll be forever yours. CHECK! ..CHECK YOUR MOVE.

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